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What's the difference between Private and Open Network lab accounts?

For the best pricing and easiest workflow, we strongly suggest using a Private Network lab account. Private Network lab accounts for Photoreflect LE/Darkroom Software allow you to take advantage of our low pricing. When you’re logged in using a Private Network account from Richmond Professional Lab, you’ll only see our lab products and pricing, and only be able to submit orders to our lab. We’ll also bill your credit card directly for your orders.

Open Network lab accounts are affiliated with and billed through Photoreflect/Labtricity, and therefore incur slightly higher pricing and fees. When logged in using an Open Network account, you’re also able to select from any lab in the Photoreflect or Labtricity network. To submit any remake orders that should be at no charge, or any discounted orders such as orders for Studio Samples, you must be logged in using a Private Network account. To obtain your Private Network account or for more information, please contact Customer Service.

Photoreflect LE/Darkroom Software is asking me for a new credit card number. Did you change your billing system?

No. If Photoreflect LE/Darkroom Software prompts you for a credit card number when submitting an order, you’re probably logged in using an Open Network account. This usually happens after a software update or a new install of the program. When orders are submitted using an Open Network account number, Photoreflect/Labtricity processes the billing transaction as opposed to us (Richmond Professional Lab), and you’ll therefore be paying higher prices. If an order submitted under an Open Network account has already been printed here, we’re unable to remove or edit the charges to your credit card. You’ll need to contact Photoreflect for any billing problems for orders submitted using an Open Network account. To obtain your Private Account information, please contact our Customer Service team.

The prices in Photoreflect LE/ExpressDigital Darkroom are higher than they were last time I logged in. Have your prices increased?

This likely means you are logged in with an Open Network account, which is subject to higher pricing. Please contact Customer Service as soon as possible for your Private Network account information.

My shipping address has changed. Can I just update that in Photoreflect LE/Darkroom Software?

If your shipping address has changed, you’ll need to update this information in your Photoreflect LE/Darkroom Software AND here on our website. This will ensure that all of your information is correct. To update your shipping address here on our website, make sure you’re logged in and then click here to edit your account information. For assistance in updating your information in the software or our website, please contact Customer Service.