• Streamline your business by combining the quality products of Richmond Professional Lab with the convenience of PhotoDay as your one-stop sales platform. Experience the technology that has introduced a revolutionary workflow to volume photography.

    • No need for order forms or wait times.
    • PhotoDay’s advanced facial recognition technology, FaceFind, eliminates the need for image matching, QR codes, bar codes and tethering.
    • Collect credits in advance with AdvancePay, PhotoDay’s answer to pre-pay.
    • Customers see photos before they purchase – and can customize their own products.
    • Orders go straight to the lab for processing after purchase, and are delivered right to the customer’s door.
    • Galleries are available on the web and on iOS and Android apps for ultimate convenience.
  • Simple for studios. Convenient for parents.

    • Bring picture day to customers with text marketing, mobile apps, FaceFind, and online galleries for any occasion.
    • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork, data entry, and lab submissions. No more order forms or barcodes.
    • Keep tabs on your business by tracking customers, order, and jobs in real-time with detailed reporting.
    • Sell before, during, and after picture day using AdvancePay and seasonal promotions. Stay in front of your customers throughout the year.
    • Offer multiple poses that can be purchased all at once. More options for customers mean more sales for you.
    • With less to do and less stress on picture day, you can focus more on capturing the perfect shots and creating beautiful images!
    • Focus more on capturing the perfect shots, rather than stressing about the nuances of sales and marketing.

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  • A new workflow that works!

    PhotoDay eliminates the stuff no one likes doing and automates the tasks that take time and cut into your bottom line.

    PREP – Set up each job in your Studio Panel with customizable price sheets and offer incentives.

    PROMOTE – Use our flyers, posters, and other custom templates to make sure customers know how to opt in to picture day.

    PRE-SELL – Sell AdvancePay credits before picture day that customers can apply after they see their photos.

    CAPTURE – Shoot multiple poses to create more photos that your customers can’t resist. Edit, upload and you’re done.

    SELL – PhotoDay lets customers know when their pictures are ready to view…and we remind them to order until they do.

    DELIVER – When an order is placed, the lab prints, packages, and sends it right to the customer’s doorstep.