• Now Available in ROES and FLOW
    • Instant Delivery via Text or Email (Mobile & PC)
    • Your Files Delivered in the Cutting Edge CaptureLife Mobile App
    • An Easy Addition to High-Volume Workflows
    • Social Sharing and Print Store Access for All Your Customers
    • Earn Commission Through Print Store Sales
    • Offer New and Exciting In-App Digital Products
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  • The Best in Digital Delivery!


    What is CaptureLife?

    CaptureLife is the digital delivery experience that today’s customers want. With CaptureLife’s cutting edge mobile app, you now have the ability to deliver your amazing images in a modern, intuitive, and interactive package. It’s an entire photo experience delivered directly to your customer’s smart phone! Best of all, it’s directly integrated into our ROES and FLOW software for a streamlined workflow solution!

    With CaptureLife, you eliminate to the need for outdated CD and USB file delivery, instantly giving your customers a superior experience at a lower cost. The CaptureLife app is a fully-featured mobile experience that lets your customers build memories over time with one-click access to an online print store built right into the app. Orders placed through the online print store earn commission for you, and provide professional quality photographic products for your customers!

  • Simple Ordering Options


    How Does Ordering Work?

    CaptureLife digital delivery is already integrated into your FLOW and ROES software. Once your CaptureLife account is connected to Richmond Pro Lab, you can order deliveries a la carte, or add them to the packages in your high-volume workflow. Connecting through Richmond Pro Lab gives you access to our low credit pricing, software integrations, and a pro-quality print store. You’ll need to capture your customer’s phone number and/or email address in order to deliver through CaptureLife. Once you submit an order to the lab that includes CaptureLife deliveries, your customers are immediately notified via text or email that their images are ready to view – deliveries are not delayed until print orders are shipped!

    Pricing is based on the number of images delivered to a single client’s phone number or email address. Billing for credits is not done through ordering software, but is billed to your lab account with Richmond Pro Lab at the end of each month. Contact Capturelife ( for the latest print store commission rates. Click the button below to get started, or contact Customer Service for more information.