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Our Full-Service Department can help save you time and money by reducing the need to hire and train seasonal staff. Let our experienced team enter your orders and produce the quality work that you need, while giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business. We offer a variety of full-service options based on your needs and workflow.

Data Entry Services

You send us your images and scans of your completed envelopes or order forms, and we enter the data and place your orders. If physical forms are mailed to us, they must be scanned in order to process your orders, which incurs a fee of $0.25 per form.

Data Merge Services

You submit your images and completed spreadsheet, with filenames and packages entered per subject. We merge the images and data with your packages, and place your orders.

If extensive reformatting is required to prepare your data for processing, an additional reformatting fee of $15(min) may be applied.

Additional Services

Optional order services include cropping, individual color correction, editing for best pose, as well as several packaging options (i.e. inserting chipboard and/or reorder forms in each envelope). Full-Service orders can be submitted through ROES, by mail, or as a PhotoLynx ImageMatch export. If images are submitted by mail, there is an additional setup charge of $10 per order. For information on how to submit your order, please contact us at 800.262.0515 ext. 222 or fullservice@richmondprolab.com. The prices for our prints, products, and any other items can be found in our online price guide.

Below is a basic pricing outline for our Full-Service options. Please contact us if you would like a comprehensive pricing and service list.

Package Setup (1-25 Packages) $20.00
Package Setup (26-50 Packages) $30.00
Template Installation (Custom or Ready to Install) and/or Text Node Setup* $1.00 per template/product, $10.00 minimum setup fee
Additional Setup Fee for Images Submitted on CD/DVD $10.00 per job
Data Merge Fee $15.00 per job
Data Entry & Color Correction Fee $0.72 per subject
Cropping $0.30 per file
Editing for Best Pose $0.60 per pose
Individual Color Correction $0.10 per file
Green Screen Drops (price dependent on level of service required) $0.35 – $3.75 per file
Reorders Submitted Through ROES $1.00 setup/data entry fee per subject,
$5.00 minimum for setup/data entry fees per reorder

*Additional fees and an extended turnaround may apply if you would like our Design Department to create/replicate a design. You can view the Design Services forms here.
There is an initial charge to set up your packages. The package setup fee is charged once per season or each
time we set up a new package list or template set for you. For more information, please contact us.

To secure a 5 business day lab turnaround for new or initial jobs, please complete and submit the steps outlined in the Job Preparation section at least 7-10 business days before submitting your job. Turnaround times will be extended to 7-9 business days if the Job Preparation steps are not completed in advance. Please note that these are in-lab turnaround times and do not include any time spent in transit after the order is shipped from the lab.

Turnaround does not begin until we have everything that we need to complete the order. Orders must be received by the lab before 11:00pm EST, Sunday through Thursday to be included in our workflow for the next business day. Orders submitted after these cut off times will be put into production the following
business day. For more information, please contact us.

7-10 Business Days Before Your Shoot

  1. Please send us your package list(s), and any pertinent templates, graphics, logos, etc. so that we can sort out any additional details we may need to process your orders.
  2. Submit a copy of our online Full-Service Info Form
  3. If you will be submitting PDFs of scanned order forms, scan a sample of a completed order form and send it to us. We will confirm that the scan quality is sufficient for data entry.
  4. To assess how your monitor compares to your prints, it’s highly recommended that you submit 2 free
    evaluation prints through the Color Evaluation Prints catalog in ROES before sending in your first order. We’ll print them without applying any color or density corrections and send them back to you so you can decide if you would like to order individual color correction for your images or not.
  5. If the upcoming job will be shot on green screen, please submit a few evaluation images through the Green Screen catalog in ROES. We’ll apply our Level 1 drop to the images and return them to you at no charge. After reviewing your samples, you can decide if the Level 1 drop is sufficient or if you would like to see examples of our higher level drop options.

For more information or assistance, please feel free to contact us at 800.262.0515 ext. 222 or via email.

Full-Service Forms

Need to submit an online form for our Full-Service Custom Department? Select the form for the services you’re interested in below. For more information about our Full-Service options, contact us.

Interested in using our Full-Service options? Fill out this form to tell us more about your company and workflow.

Use this form when submitting new Full-Service orders. Please submit this form the same day that you submit your files to the lab. A completed form is required PER EVENT.

Use this form when submitting an order for Service Items. Please submit this form the same day that you submit your files to the lab.

Use this form when submitting images to be uploaded to SimplePhoto. Please submit this form the same day that you submit your files to the lab. Authorized Users Only.


For more information on Full-Service options, contact us at 800.262.0515 x222 or fullservice@richmondprolab.com