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Product In-Lab Turnaround Times

In-lab turnaround time shown in the tables below are for normal season (December-March, June-August) in-lab production dates. Please note that days listed below in the chart reflect in-lab business days and do not include weekends or shipping transit/delivery times.

Confirmation Email Date Range
Most orders will ship on the first ship date available. To ensure accuracy and transparency, we offer a shipping date range for your orders. This approach accounts for factors like equipment availability, stock levels, and order volume, which may occasionally extend processing times.

  • During our Spring peak season (April-May) you can expect to add 1 additional business day to the in-lab turnaround times listed below.
  • During our Fall peak season (September-November) you can expect to add 3 additional business days to the in-lab turnaround times listed below.

Prints & Finishing Services

Prints (Luster & Glossy) 1-4 Days
Die-Cut Wallets 2-5 Days
Competition Prints, Mounting, Machine Texturing, Lacquer Spraying  2-5 Days

Specialty Items

All Specialty Items have an in-lab turnaround time of 2-5 days unless specified below.

Magazine Covers, Memory Mates, Calendars (Luster/Glossy), 5 – 2×8 Tickets (Uncut), 10×30 Ticket Posters 1-4 Days
Package Books 3-6 Days
Vinyl Grommet Pennants, Vinyl Grommet Banners, Pop-Up Banners 3-6 Days

Fine Art Products

Pro Canvas Gallery Wraps 3-6 Days
Assembled Albums 3-6 Days
Giclée Prints, Metal Prints, Boutique Packaging 2-5 Days
Framed Prints, Tassel Frames 2-5 Days

Press Printed Products

Flat & Folded Cards, Posters, Calendars, Business Cards, Proof Books, Saddle-Stitched Booklets, Folders 3-6 Days

School Service Items

If Submitting Ready to Print Files

Pre-pay & Proof Envelopes 3-6 Days
ID Cards, Service Strips 2-5 Days
Safety Cards 1-4 Days

If Submitting Through Full Service Department

Pre-pay & Proof Envelopes 6-9 Days
School Directories, ID Cards, Service Strips, Yearbook & Administrative Exports, Safety Cards 5-8 Days
Composites 5-10 Days
Press Folders 6-9 Days

Full Service Department

View our Full-Service page for more information.

Job Preparation for Orders submitted through Full Service Department 7-10 Days

Design Services

Visit our Design Services page for more information.

Revising Existing Pre-pay & Proof Envelope Designs or Template Sets 2-5 Days
Custom Pre-pay & Proof Envelope Designs or Templates 5-7 Days
Template Installation Into Ordering Software 5-7 Days


Order Inserts 2-6 Days
A La Carte Packaging Materials 1-3 Days

Production Schedule

Orders can be placed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our production schedule operates Sunday through Thursday, with in-lab turnaround times applying to orders received before 11:00pm EST, and 7:00pm EST for orders containing Lab Corrected prints and products, or Digital File Return Services. Orders submitted past the cutoff times will be printed the following business day.

In-Lab Turnaround Time Updates

In-lab turnaround times may periodically be temporarily extended in peak seasons (April-May and September-November) or due to factors affecting production (such as equipment or supply chain issues). View the top of this page for the most accurate in-lab turnaround times and additional information. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

Orders Containing Products with Multiple In-Lab Turnaround Times

Most in-lab turnaround times are not cumulative. For orders containing products with different in-lab turnaround times, the due date will be based on the item with the longest in-lab turnaround. For example, an order received on Monday before 11pm, consisting of Direct prints (1 day in-lab turnaround) and trading cards (2 day in-lab turnaround) will ship out on Wednesday (after 2 business days). We are unable split up orders once they’ve been submitted. We recommend that you place separate orders if some orders or items need to ship before others. Contact Customer Service for assistance.


In-Lab Turnaround Times for Retouching and/or Green Screen Services

In-lab turnaround times for retouching and/or green screen services are cumulative, which means they’re added onto the in-lab turnaround time of the products and services you’re ordering them with. For example, if you’re ordering retouching (2 day in-lab turnaround) on Direct prints (1 day in-lab turnaround), the in-lab turnaround time for your order will be 3 days.

Individual Color Correction 1 Day
Retouching 2 Days
Green Screen Services 2 Days


In-Lab Turnaround Times for Digital File Return Services

In-lab turnaround times for digital file return services are cumulative, based on which services you’re ordering together. For example, if you’re ordering color correction (1 day in-lab turnaround) and retouching (2 day in-lab turnaround), the in-lab turnaround time for your order will be 3 days. 

Retouching 2 Days
Green Screen Services 2 Days
Custom Retouching Varies based on level of service required


In-Lab Turnaround Times & Shipping Methods

In-lab turnaround times do not include shipping transit times. Your order will ship on the scheduled due date based on the shipping method you’ve selected. Additionally, choosing UPS Next Day or other expedited shipping methods will not affect the in-lab turnaround time for your order. Learn more about our shipping methods and carriers on our Shipping page, or contact Customer Service for more information.


Holidays & Other Closings

The lab will periodically close in observance of holidays and/or for maintenance purposes, which may affect in-lab turnaround times. We are closed in observance of the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Notice will be provided in advance via email and on our Closings & Holiday Schedules page.

Order Tracking

You’ll receive a confirmation email once your order has been received by the lab. This email will contain the order number, order contents, shipping method and address, the date range the order will ship from the lab, and the estimated date range the order should be delivered. You can view the status of your orders by logging in on the “Order Status & History” section on our site. Your orders will be displayed once they’ve been received here at the lab with helpful information including the current status, the date the order is due to ship, and more. Additionally, you can view shipping information on the Shipping History  page, and/or in our shipping notification emails. With either option, you’ll be able to see the order details and shipping information (including any tracking numbers) on the night your order ships.


Rush Services

Any requests for orders (excluding remakes) to be completed faster than our standard in-lab turnaround times will be considered Rush Services. Rush Services must be approved by Customer Service, and will incur fees as follows:

Rush Service Fees Any requests for orders (excluding remakes) to be completed faster than our standard in-lab turnaround times will be considered Rush Services. Rush Services must be approved by Customer Service, and will incur fees as follows:

  • For orders under $100, an additional $25 fee will be added to each order’s total.
  • For orders over $100, an additional fee of 25% of each order’s cost will be added.
  • For example:
    • A Standard Rush for an 11×14 Gallery Wrap (costing $59.40) to be completed in 2 days instead of the normal 3 day in-lab turnaround time for wraps, would be $25, making the final total $84.40.
    • A Standard Rush for a 20×30 Gallery Wrap (costing $118.80) to be completed in 2 days would be $29.70, making the final total $148.50.

Rush Services do not apply to shipping costs, nor do they impact shipping methods or transit/delivery times. You’ll still need to choose an appropriate shipping method in order to guarantee delivery by a certain date/time. Rush Services are not available for discounted studio sample orders. Contact Customer Service for help determining the best solution to receive your order when you need it.