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General Questions

How do I open an account with Richmond Professional Lab?

Signing up for an account with us is easy! Simply fill out the online form on our Signup page. Once we receive your information, we’ll call you to finalize your account.

Are there any fees, commitments, or requirements associated with opening an account with Richmond Professional Lab?

No, there are not any commitments or fees. To receive the pricing outlined in our Price Guide, the only requirement is that you submit orders using our ordering software.

Do I have to be a professional photographer to use your services?

No, we welcome photographers of all experience levels. Although we are a professional lab, we embrace serving all types of customers. We also strive to help beginning photographers grow their businesses by helping them establish efficient workflow solutions and offering low prices so they can increase their profits. In order to receive the pricing outlined in our Price Guide, the only requirement is that you submit orders using our ordering software.

Do I have to give you my credit card number when I sign up?

We don’t need to obtain a credit card when you sign up, but you will need to put one on file before we ship your first order. Once your account has been created you can update your credit card number and billing address here on our site. First, make sure you’re logged in here on our website, visit your Account Information page, and click on “Update Payment Information”.

Are there minimum order requirements or handling fees?

There is a $5 minimum for all orders. If your order does not meet the minimum amount (excluding shipping costs), the price will automatically be adjusted to $5 at the lab. Minimum order fees do not impact shipping charges, and do not apply to no-charge remake orders. If you’re placing high volumes of small drop-ship orders, contact Customer Service to find out if lower prices are available based on your needs.

Do you process film?

Unfortunately we no longer process film, but, we do offer scanning and reprinting services. Contact Customer Service for more information and pricing.

How do I update my contact information?

For your convenience, you can update your information online here on our site, via email, or over the phone with a Customer Service representative. To update your information online, make sure you’re logged in here on our website first. Then view your Account Information and select the information you’d like to update. For updates to account preferences regarding packaging, shipping, or for changes to orders you currently have in house, contact Customer Service.

What do you recommend to prevent my prints from being scanned without permission?

We suggest adding a logo and/or watermark to your prints in a photo-editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, applying a machine texture like our Linen Weave option, or our Pro Texture Spray will make it more difficult for customers to copy. Adding your company information to back of your photographs is also a good idea and is easy to set up in the ordering software. Contact Customer Service for more information and instructions.

Do you have images of your products I can use for my marketing purposes?

Yes, we have a variety of free product images, green screen background thumbnails, and template thumbnails specifically for use in your marketing materials. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

Do you have a catalog I can view?

You can view our complete catalog of our products and prices here on our website.

Where is your facility located?

Our full-service lab is located in historic downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Can I visit your facility?

To schedule a meeting with us, please contact Customer Service.