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  • IMPORTANT UPDATE INFORMATION– ROES was updated to Version 9 on 12/28/15. Click here to read more details about what’s new in ROES V9.

    ROES INSTALLATION– ROES is now available as a standalone installation for Windows or Mac. A separate installation of Java is no longer required. This new version should solve many of the issues you may have previously experienced with ROES and/or Java. Please view our ROES FAQs or contact Customer Service for assistance.

    WINDOWS ROES USERS– getting the error message, “Another version of ROES Webstart is currently running,” when trying to open ROES? View troubleshooting info here or contact Customer Service.

    ROES (Remote Order Entry System)

    For a simple, user-friendly ordering interface, ROES is hard to beat. Simply choose a print size, then drag and drop your images. With customizable functions and access to our complete product line, ROES is a great option for fast & easy ordering.

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ROES Events

Available within the regular version of your ROES software, Events is a powerful tool that allows you to easily pair images & data in an automated fashion. Watch our ROES Events Tutorial Videos here.


ROES Events Module – Tutorial Guides

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  • PhotoReflect Labtricity Edition

    (Formerly Darkroom Web Edition)

    This full featured software allows for everything from color correction to hosting your images online for your end customers to view and order. To set up an ExpressDigital account you will need to contact Customer Service for an account number and PIN if you have not done so already.

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  • ExpressDigital Darkroom

    Similar to the Photoreflect Labtricity Edition software, but with more features and functionality, Darkroom Core, Pro, and Assembly are sure to meet the needs of all photographers. To learn more about the functionality of each version, read the Darkroom Brochure.

    The link below allows you to download Darkroom software so that you can explore its features before purchase. The software will only run in trial mode until a software key is inserted into your computer. Software keys are available through Richmond Pro Lab. For more information and pricing for software and/or upgrades, contact Customer Service.

    Download trial versions of Darkroom (for PC users only)
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  • Flow By PhotoLynx

    A great option for high volume ordering. Please contact Customer Service if you’re interested in utilizing the PhotoLynx software.