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2-5 Day In-Lab


*In-lab turnaround times listed above are for normal season (December-March, June-July) in-lab production dates. During Spring peak season (April-May) add 1 additional business day to the in-lab turnaround time. During Fall peak season (September-November) add 3 additional business days to the in-lab turnaround time. View the Production Schedules page for more information.


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Mounting is only available for prints produced by Richmond Professional Lab.

Matboard (also available in Heavyweight): a standard, archival “rag mat” board. 1/16 inch thick. Also available in a Heavyweight option (1/8 inch thick), which is more resistant to warping. Available in white.

Foamboard: a 3/16 inch foam layer bonded between two layers of buffered, acid-free surface paper. Available in white.

Gatorfoam®: heavy duty, extruded foam board bonded between two layers of Luxell® wood-fiber veneer. Available in black, in 3/16 inch thickness.

Styrene: a durable, plastic-like, high-impact substrate not susceptible to humidity-induced warping. Available in white or black. 1/16 inch thick.

Standout Mount: 1/2 inch thick polystyrene foam between smooth moisture-resistant, hi-impact polystyrene sheets; finished with black styrene banded edges and four hanging holes.