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2-5 Day In-Lab


*In-lab turnaround times listed above are for normal season (December-March, June-July) in-lab production dates. During Spring peak season (April-May) add 1 additional business day to the in-lab turnaround time. During Fall peak season (September-November) add 3 additional business days to the in-lab turnaround time. View the Production Schedules page for more information.


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Tassel Frames with Mats- 5×7, 8×10, and 4 Pose Tassel Frames. Luster prints framed in black mats with customizable “Class of ____” text. Mats also have cut-out areas for tassels to be added by parent after graduation (tassels not included). Black wood frames with glass fronts, velour door backs with easels and hanging hooks, and black bevel-cut mats. 

  • 5×7 Small Tassel Frame: 9×11 frame.
  • 8×10 and 4 Pose Large Tassel Frames: 12×13 frames.

Premium Tassel Frames- 9×11 Premium Tassel Frame. A unique design featuring a 9×11 Luster print with a die-cut tassel hole, with second copy of the print behind it for a 3-d layered effect (tassel not included). This frame does not have a mat. Black 9×11 wood frame with glass front, velour door back with easel and hanging hooks.

These products use custom fonts. To be able to preview the templates in ROES as close to the final printed product as possible, you should download and install the following fonts:

To install the font, extract the files, then either Right-click > Install (Windows), or open the file and select the install button (Mac & Windows).

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