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What color management resources do you offer?

On our Color Management page, you will find a wealth of information including ICC profiles, target images, and other tips and information. We also offer two free 8×10 Luster Evaluation Prints that you can order in ROES to see how your monitor compares to uncorrected prints. We’re always happy to help you improve workflow. Contact Customer Service for information.

My evaluation prints dont match my monitor. What should I do?

Please take a few minutes to review our Color Management Guide, which includes extensive information on ways to manage the color and density of your images. Our recommendations for monitors and calibration devices are outlined within the guide as well. Customer Service can help you determine the best solution for your workflow and color management needs.

What color space should I save my images in?

Please save your images in the sRGB color space when submitting orders. For more information, view the resources on our Color Management page, or contact Customer Service.

What monitors and/or calibrators do you recommend?

We use and highly recommend the brands Eizo, Apple Cinema Display, NEC, Samsung, and MonoPrice. For calibrators we strongly recommend i1 Display Pro and ColorEyes Display Pro. For more information, view our Color Management page, or contact Customer Service.

Do you require that I submit test prints before I place my first order?

To ensure your complete satisfaction, it’s highly recommended that you submit evaluation prints before sending in your first order; however we do not require it. We offer two evaluation prints free of charge, to allow you to compare your monitor with our prints. Learn more on our Color Management page, or by contacting Customer Service.