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How do I begin using your green screen services?

To use our green screen services, you’ll need to go through our pre-approval process to ensure you’re using proper backgrounds and lighting techniques. Contact Customer Service to get started.

What's involved in the pre-approval process?

Our pre-approval process for our green screen services is very simple. Customer Service will instruct you on how to upload one of your green screen images through ROES, and we’ll drop out the background and send the file back to you. You’ll then be notified the following day of any problems we noticed with your image (i.e. inconsistent exposure or lighting, etc.) and we’ll let you know if you’re approved for our base pricing.

Why must I go through an approval process?

By providing test background extractions in advance, we hope to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the level of service we can provide for your specific images. We also want to help you learn to shoot using most effective and consistent methods to improve the process if possible.

Can you give me tips on how to get the best results when shooting with green screen?

We created an extensive informational guide that covers lighting, shooting, backgrounds, etc. that we developed by testing these methods ourselves. Special assistance from our resident green screen expert is also available by appointment. Contact Customer Service for more information.

What green screen services do you offer?

We offer an easy to use file transfer service for extraction from green or blue backdrops, and/or background replacement using our backgrounds or yours. For prints or products, ROES Events offers data-driven background package ordering. Additional or custom services may also be available. Contact Customer Service to determine the best options for your workflow.

What's the cost per dropout?

Green screen dropouts start at $0.35 per image. If your files don’t meet our quality standards, we’ll contact you prior to the start of your job to discuss your options and pricing.

If my green screen job was shot inconsistently, will the cost per image remain the same?

If your green screen order has issues with exposure or lighting, the pricing will be determined prior to the start of your job. Customer Service will contact you to discuss your options, including pricing.

What is the turnaround time?

The in-lab turnaround time is 2 business days (for orders received by 11:00pm EST, Sunday through Thursday). In-lab turnaround times for green screen services are cumulative, which means they’re added onto the in-lab turnaround time of the products and services you’re ordering them with. View more information on our Production Schedules page. If we foresee issues with your order that will lengthen the in-lab turnaround time, Customer Service will contact you prior to the start of your job to discuss your options.

How do I submit my orders for dropouts and prints and other products once I've been approved?

Green screen orders can be submitted through ROES Events. For assistance, please contact Customer Service.

What backgrounds do you offer?

We offer over 300 green screen backgrounds that can be viewed on our Green Screen page, or as a PDF. For information on using your own backgrounds or having custom ones designed, contact Customer Service.

Can I use my own backgrounds?

Yes, you can use your own backgrounds once they’ve been approved (to rule out any issues we foresee involving cropping, etc.). Customer Service can instruct you on how to upload these files for approval. Be sure to check out our collection of over 300 background options.

How does cropping work for my green screen orders?

Our green screen backgrounds are sized at a 4×5 aspect ratio, and designed to withstand minimal cropping from the sides. When ordering images to be delivered digitally, backgrounds are placed to best fit the dimensions of your original files. When ordering prints and other products, backgrounds are cropped from the top or sides to accommodate the print or product size.

How many backgrounds can be ordered per image?

For green screen orders, one background choice is allowed per image, per order. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

Can you send me your background files?

You can view our background options on our Green Screen page or as a PDF, but we’re unable to provide you with the high resolution versions of these files. If you need thumbnails of these backgrounds for your marketing purposes, please contact Customer Service.

I didn't shoot my images on a green screen. Can you still extract the subjects for me?

Yes, this would be considered a custom retouching service. After placing your order for this service, you’ll be contacted with a quote for the cost and in-lab turnaround time. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

Am I able to get a discount for studio samples for green screen services?

Unfortunately the studio sample discount doesn’t apply to the green screen service cost itself, but you’re eligible for discounts on most prints or products you order as studio samples using those images. Studio sample discounts are available as follows:

50% Off:

– Luster/Glossy Prints

– Fine Art Giclée Prints (Unstretched Canvas, Watercolor)

25% Off:

– All Specialty Items

– Mounting, Spraying, and Texturing Services

– Gallery Wraps

– Assembled Albums

– Proof Books

– Press Printed Products

– Boutique Packaging

– Retouching Services

– Banners

Exempt from Studio Sample Discounts:

– Green Screen Services

– Custom Order Entry Services

– Design Services

– Reorder Forms

– Pre-pay and/or Proof Envelopes

– A La Carte/Bulk Packaging Materials

– Yearbook and Administrative CDs

– Rush Fees

– Shipping Fees

– Digital File Return Services

There is a limit of $500 in total annual discount savings per customer for studio sample orders. For example, an order for studio samples of Pro Canvas Gallery Wraps that would originally cost $200 would cost $150 after the 25% studio sample discount is applied, which is a savings of $50. That $50 you saved on the order is deducted from your $500 discount savings limit, so you still have $450 left that can be used for studio sample discounts for the year.

Discounts for studio samples cannot be combined with any other offers, sale prices, or coupons, and do not include shipping costs. To order studio samples, place your order and add an order comment stating that the order should be discounted for studio samples. The price will be adjusted once the order has been received at the lab. Please contact Customer Service for more information.