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Do you offer any free templates?

Yes, all of our templates are free for our customers. We offer a huge collection of templates for sports, schools, holiday and greeting cards, and more on our Templates page.

Can I use your templates with another lab?

No, our templates are only available for use with Richmond Professional Lab. Using them elsewhere or modifying them without permission is a copyright violation.

I use custom templates. What is the best way to submit my order?

There are several options available for using custom templates you’ve created for all versions of the ordering software. Customer Service can help you determine the best solution for your workflow.

Can you design custom templates for me?

Yes, we offer custom design services for templates and other graphics. For more information, pricing, and examples, please contact Customer Service.

Do you offer guide templates for your specialty items?

Yes, we have guide templates for all of our specialty items. For your convenience, these  guides have been built into ROES for easy ordering. You can also use the PNG files in the guide template downloads here on our site to create your own designs or graphics for our specialty items. For information and assistance, please contact Customer Service.