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What types of files do you accept?

JPEG files are preferred, but we also accept TIFF files. We recommend that all images be saved in the sRGB color space. Sizing your files appropriately for the print sizes you’re ordering can drastically reduce your order transmission time. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

Do you accept RAW files?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept RAW files. All RAW files must be converted to JPEGs prior to order submission.

What image resolution do you recommend?

We recommend submitting images at 300ppi, however images at resolutions as low as 150ppi may be sufficient depending on the print size you’re ordering. For volume orders, decreasing your file sizes even slightly can greatly improve your order’s transmission speed. For more information, contact Customer Service.

Can I submit my logo to the lab to be applied to all of my prints?

We can set up templates/products for you in the ordering software with your logo applied. Several options are also available within the ordering software if you’d like to add your logo on your own, as well. You can also add your logo in an editing program like Photoshop. Please contact Customer Service to determine the best option for you.