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How do I clear my cache?

Sometimes when templated items are not displaying templates properly or when ROES does not seem to be displaying products a simple solution is to clear the ROES caches. If you are having technical issues, it is recommended that you install the latest installer-based version of ROES, which does not require Java (available on our Ordering Software page). If you see a Java window each time you launch ROES, you are running the old installer and you can quickly upgrade without losing any files. Simply delete the ROES icon from your desktop and then download the software again from our site.

To clear you cache:

  1. Within ROES click on the Home section

  2. Select Diagnostic Tools beneath the login information at the bottom of the right-hand side

  3. Select Clear Caches

  4. In the popup window, select Clear Both Caches

  5. ROES will close when the cache is cleared

  6. Restart ROES and navigate to the product that was displaying incorrectly


If you are running an older version of ROES, we strongly recommend upgrading however you can still clear your cache with one of the following methods:

To clear your Java cache on a PC:

From the Start Menu select Control Panel. Find the Java control panel. In the General tab, click on Settings. Select Delete Files.

To clear your Java cache on a Mac:

Click on the Apple menu in the upper left and select System Preferences. In this window find the Java icon located at the bottom in Other and select it to open the Java control panel. In the Java control panel on the General tab click Settings then select Delete Files.

For additional assistance, please contact Customer Service.

How does the new ROES installer work?

The new ROES installer contains all the required files to run ROES and installs ROES as a program on your computer. A separate installation of Java is no longer required. When you visit our Ordering Software page and choose “Download ROES”, you’ll be presented with a link to an installer for your operating system – either an .msi file (Windows) or a .dmg file (Mac).

If you’re still running the old ROES installer (if you see a Java window each time you launch ROES, you’re running the old ROES installer), you can upgrade without losing any files. Simply delete the ROES icon from your desktop and then download the software again from our Ordering Software page.

If you’re on an older operating system such as Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Windows XP, it is strongly recommended that you update to a newer system. If you’re using either of these operating systems and are unable to successfully install the new version of ROES, the old Java launch can be downloaded here. The new version is preferred, as it offers greater reliability and performance. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Are there characters I should avoid in filenames or order comments when ordering through ROES?

We recommend that you do not use any special characters (such as ~, *, etc.) in the “Instructions” box in ROES, other than typical punctuation marks (like commas, question marks, etc.). It’s extremely important that NO special characters are used in ROES Events data field names. In addition, image filenames must not contain the tilde (~) character.If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.

ROES won't launch. What should I do?

This may be caused by your firewall or antivirus software blocking the outgoing connection. Try temporarily disabling the security software and relaunching ROES. If ROES launches successfully with the security software disabled, consult your security software documentation for instructions to “whitelist” the ROES software. Customer Service may be able to assist you further with this process.

If the error occurs while the progress indicator displays “Creating Products”, the products catalog may have become damaged. To refresh the catalog, navigate to the user directory, then .roescache/RichmondProLabROES/ and locate the file RichmondProLabROES.xml.enc. Delete this file and relaunch ROES. The user directory is typically located at a path similar to this one: C:\Users and then your username.

If ROES still will not launch, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

ROES will not send my order to the lab. What should I do?

If the upload progress bar doesn’t advance, or partially advances and stalls in the middle of the transfer, you may have a problem with your internet connection. It is recommended that you reboot your modem, router, and computer. Most modems and routers can be rebooted by disconnecting power to the device, waiting for 30 seconds, and then plugging the device back in.

Another potential cause of a failure to upload may be from a conflict with your local firewall software. If you are using third party firewall software, temporarily disable it and try resending the order.

If you are using a PC with Windows Vista or 7, there may be a Windows Firewall setting causing this issue. You can correct this setting via the following steps:

Click Start, then choose All Programs, Accessories, and right-click on Command Prompt. Choose Run as Administrator in the list and the black command window will open. At the prompt type: “netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable” and press Enter. An ‘OK’ should appear below it and bounce back to a prompt. Type “exit” and press Enter to formally quit the window. This command turns off a check in Windows Firewall that may be causing the issue.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible.

I’m getting an error message saying, 'Another version of ROES Webstart is currently running' - what should I do?

If you’re a Windows ROES user and you’re getting that error message when trying to open ROES, an issue with ROES and the AVG security software is likely what’s causing this.

This can be resolved by adding an exception for the ROES client in the AVG software. View this PDF with step by step instructions on adding this exception. If you have any difficulty adding the exception, or this does not resolve your problem, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.