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What packaging options do I have?

Single orders containing only prints and some smaller specialty items are packaged in manila envelopes with chipboard by default, and are then put into rigid mailer envelopes for shipping. For Volume Packaged orders submitted through FLOW, Blueprint, ROES Events, GotPhoto, or ProofPix, we’ll package each sitting individually in paper portrait envelopes.

Are the packaging envelopes labeled?

Volume Packaged orders submitted through FLOW, Blueprint, ROES Events, GotPhoto, or ProofPix will have labels printed on each paper portrait envelope containing the information for each subject (such as a team name, league name, etc.) as ordered. Contact Customer Service for more information about these options.

Will the specialty items I order be packaged in with each child's order?

If you’ve submitted a Volume Packaged bulk order through ROES Events, Flow, Blueprint, GotPhoto, or ProofPix we’ll include package the prints individually by sitting, and include any small specialty items that will fit in the portrait envelopes. If needed, specialty items are sandwiched between chipboard inside of the envelopes to protect the prints from damage. If the items are too large or too numerous to fit inside the envelopes, they’ll be packaged separately, labeled with the appropriate order number, and kept together with the order for easy organization before distribution to your customers. For more information and assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Can you add a reorder form/insert flyer for my customers to each of my orders?

Yes, we’re able to add your reorder forms or insert flyer to to each of your drop-ship to home orders or each portrait envelope for bulk/batch volume package print orders. We require printing a minimum of 5000 inserts in the lab annually to qualify for this order option. For pricing to print and insert your reorder form insert/flyers, please view page 26 of our Price Guide and contact  for additional information. 

Is there an extra charge to have my orders packaged by sitting or player?

If you’ve submitted a Volume Packaged order through ROES Events, Flow, Blueprint, GotPhoto, or ProofPix, we’ll package your orders individually by sitting or player at no additional charge.

How do you package large format prints?

Prints with a length less than 24 inches will be packaged and shipped flat. Prints exceeding 24 inches in length, banners, and clingers will be rolled in a tube unless you’ve indicated otherwise. If you prefer to have all of your prints always packaged flat, contact Customer Service to add this preference to your account.

Do you offer boutique packaging?

Yes, we do offer Boutique Packaging. We offer 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14 solid black 1″ deep boxes finished with a silver satin bow. Prints or products sealed in clear plastic bags by size and wrapped in black tissue paper. Available for items up to 11×14, with a depth of 3/4″ or less (about 100 prints). We’ll use our best judgment to package your items securely in the most appropriately sized box to ensure nothing will be damaged. Items included in your order that won’t fit in the boxes will be packaged separately (and shipped together with the rest of the order as usual). If you have specific questions about what items are eligible for Boutique Packaging, please contact Customer Service. You can view pricing and more information in our Price Guide.

Can I send you my custom packaging materials?

Please contact Customer Service if you’re interested in having us package your orders using custom materials you’ve sent us.

Do you sell packaging materials?

Yes, you can purchase any of our packaging materials for your own use. View our Price Guide or contact Customer Service for more information and pricing.